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Start small, think big.  Don't worry about too many things at once.  Take a handful of simple things to begin with, and then progress to more complex ones.  Think about not just tomorrow, but the future.  Put a Ding in the Universe.

Steve Jobs
Apple Founder

YOU know being a book author is your way to

"put a ding in the universe". 

So...What's Stopping You?

The mission of Author Legacy Resource is to remove every obstacle between you and your ability to impact countless lives with your legacy nonfiction book.  It's not easy to know everything about developing and publishing your book.  Lean on a team of seasoned experts to help you.

You may think your ideas are a "handful of simple things."  But we believe the book you hold in your heart and your head is significant and valuable.  The world deserves to read your book.  Your life's legacy is the book you will share. Your book will make a difference in the lives of many other people.  We can help with the complex things to make it almost effortless for you as the author.‚Äč  You can start by simply talking to us.

Look around and discover all the ways we can help you.  Our free resources are worth thousands.  Particularly when you think about how much a book publishing mistake will cost you and the thousands of hours it took for us to learn our craft.  Take advantage of us.  Get all the free stuff we offer you.