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Book Coach

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Nothing assures your best seller success like working with an experienced book coach.  BEWARE...many people call themselves a book coach, but they provide few services other than being a referral hub for services.

You want someone who will take a vested interest in making your book all you ever dreamed it could be.  The process begins with getting very clear about why you are writing the book, who your target reader will be and perhaps the most important what book you don't want to publish.

You want the perfect balance of marketability and core value.  Often, what you want to write is too much, or too little.  Get a FREE MANUSCRIPT ANALYSIS. Email to this address for  a review.


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Every single book needs some level of editing.  This can be said without a moment's hesitation.  Even professional writers hire an editor when the draft is completed.  We all need at least a set of "fresh eyes" to review what has been written for the book.

If you have completed your manuscript you may need help deciding which level of editing is needed for your particular book.  You may only need what I call the "Grammar Nazi" edit.​  No matter how perfectly you have written, an editor with a critical eye will find errors.  Let them find them before the book is in the hands of your reader.

I explain, in some detail, about the five levels of editing in a FREE eBookDownload your copy now.



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Some of the best authors never write a single word of their book.  It is not important you go through the laborious process of writing the content of your book.

Simply download your vision, ideas and concepts by just "talking your book." We use a strategic  series of recorded and transcribed interviews. Once we have your ideas recorded, you can let a professional writer create the book content for you. 

It's the way famous authors write a book and you have better things to do with your time than crafting the words to express your genius. 

​Ask questions about whether this is the best way to complete your book with a FREE CONSULTATION

Design, Publish & Promote

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A quick internet search will give you lots of options for this part of self-publishing.  But how will you know if the people you find on the internet will perform with your best interest?  The answer is, you can't know. 

Lots of incredible book authors fail because they make a poor decision about their publisher or they try to design the cover or interior of the book themselves.  It's easy for a reader to spot an amateur.  It's a big mistake and can cost the author thousands of wasted dollars and time.

A good team of specialists working on your book will add dollars and visibility to your book.  Professional treatment of your book becomes a profit center rather than an expense.​

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