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Becoming the author of a nonfiction book is a daunting task for anyone.  Just because you are an authority in your own field of expertise does not immediately translate to making good decisions about what to delegate and how to choose the best book author services.  Many make big mistakes along the way.  Unfortunately, some well-conceived, highly-valuable books end up on the trash heap of unsuccessful books.  This article is to give you some inside information about how to make these very important decisions.

Selecting Book Author Services

When you are thinking about becoming an author, almost all the Google searches will lead you to big companies who have big, all-inclusive and quite expensive programs.  Some of them call themselves “hybrid publishers” because they combine the coaching and direction of your project with the fact the author pays for the service.  These companies are often good, legitimate companies.  We won’t talk about the many shysters in the industry in this article.

I believe you should be extremely careful about who you choose to help get your book published.  It is a time for you to guard your ideas, concepts and your money.  A program sounding good on the surface may not be sufficient for what you actually need.  Don’t let your lack of publishing knowledge take you down a path where your service provider benefits whether you benefit or not.

In the center of every decision you make about becoming a book author should be you and your goals.  Most, not all, nonfiction authors want their book to be a profitable success.  I believe there are four critical components in achieving the goal of book profits.

Target Reader

This is the most neglected part of most nonfiction book plans.  I talk about the egocentric nature of most nonfiction authors in this article.  Most start their book talking about everything stored in their own mind.  They simply fill the pages with their brilliance without regard to what their hungry reader audience wants.  Yet without identifying your target reader, and getting intimate about their needs and desires, your book is not likely to succeed.  I could write an entire book about how to determine your ideal reader.  For now, look at the article I wrote about in the first part of this series:  “Book Profit Zone.”

Marketing Platform

As I said in the second part of the series about the “Book Platform” – making decisions about how you will promote your book once it is published can be a guiding light for how to create the book from the beginning.  One of the regrets I hear from people who didn’t feel like they got what they needed from their publishing company is around the “cookie cutter” program looked like it included a lot of marketing, but in fact it didn’t.  Even if their is good value in the marketing services offered (and many times the value is absent,) you can be pretty certain it is not custom designed for you and your reader audience.  Get help from a marketing ghostwriter like me.  The first call is free.


You may not need a ghostwriter if you have plenty of time on your hands and you also have the skill to write for today’s internet enabled reader.  I talk about those people in the article titled “You May Not Need a Ghostwriter.”  Selecting a ghostwriter is not like hiring a bookkeeper.  When a ghostwriter brags about their credentials and degrees and tries to convince you how wonderful a writer they are – back up and think about it.  While I must tell you something about what I bring to the table, my focus is always and always will be – on the author client as an individual.  My goal is not like the shyster publishers who simply want to “get the money and run.”  My focus is not even on you really.  Instead, my focus is on your ideal reader and the larger community of readers.  When you build a community to know, love and trust what you have to offer, it benefits you AS the author.  For those of you who think it is more honest to write your own book, you may want to read the article about how being too professional will kill your success.

Book Design & Publishing

There are a few companies who market heavily to self-published authors and particularly nonfiction authors.  They guide the writer through the writing process as someone who is encouraging.  Their goal is to get the book completed, not perfected.  Once the writing process is done, the interior design looks amateur and the cover is a common template design.  When you see the books published by these companies, the look like a sad step-sister compared to the ones who have high-quality design.  People DO judge a book by its cover.  They also look inside to see judge whether the interior layout is attractive and inviting.  Getting the right design is critical.  Take great care.

As you can see by the graphic attached to this article, YOU are in the center.  As an executive level author you probably don’t want to try to do everything yourself.  It will set you up for some pretty bad consequences.  However, delegating can be treacherous.  You need all the knowledge you can find before you start.  Send me an email.  We can discuss your ideas and options.

Bottom line of this article is this advice: Make sure YOU are in the center of everything related to your book.