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Career Burnout? Retire Early or Reinvent Definition of Work?

Reinvent Your Career at 50+

Many people think about writing a book after they get past their 40s.  They may be experiencing career burnout and looking forward to redefining their life – maybe with an early retirement”

  • They already know more than most of the people in their workplace
  • They already spend a portion of their workday educating and mentor others
  • They already have seen the benefits other people get from what they share

Why NOT Write a Book???

I saw an article on the Investopedia website by the title “Don’t Retire Early – Change Careers Instead.”

They quoted a 2013 Associated Press poll which showed 82% of Americans over 50 expect to work for pay after they retire.  Many of them will be starting their own business.  It is why the Franchise Events are packed with people in their 50s and 60s.

My question is this: “Why invest a ton of money in a franchise when your most valuable asset is your knowledge and experience?”  I believe you are much smarter than the person who created the franchise.  Many franchisees spend their working time doing labor in their own business alongside their $10 an hour staff members.  Is this what you envision for yourself?

An Estate of Your Intelligence Value

I’m not talking about your IQ here.  I am talking about the vast store of knowledge you have in your head and in your experience.  It is why another study done with the Kauffman Foundation showed the highest rate of entrepreneurship has shifted away from the young and to the mature crowd.  People over 55 are two times more likely to found successful companies when compared to the metrics in the 20-34 age group.

I believe people are often more obsessed by how much money they have in their retirement savings than they are with using what they know to impact the lives of others.  It’s not because they are selfish and unwilling to help others.  In fact, it is almost the opposite.  They do not place an economic value on the knowledge acquired over the years.  While, in fact, the knowledge (aka intelligence) is a lot more valuable than the money in the bank.  It is valuable to the marketplace, the people who will learn from your book and it is also valuable to those who care about you.  It becomes a tangible item they can cherish and learn from long after your days on the earth are over.

Other Resources for Retiring Book Authors

Don’t discount your value to the marketplace just because you are leaving a long-time career.  Instead, embrace your unique ability to offer even more value than ever before by creating a book to share your knowledge.  Publishing a book is no small task and you will need help from experts to do it well.  However, I am absolutely certain you have something to share.  Maybe we should talk?