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Book Author Services – Part 3 of 4

Becoming the author of a nonfiction book is a daunting task for anyone.  Just because you are an authority in your own field of expertise does not immediately translate to making good decisions about what to delegate and how to choose the best book author services.  Many make big mistakes along the way.  Unfortunately, some […]

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Your Book Platform – Part 2 of 4

Once you have identified your book’s “Profit Zone” described in Part 1 of this series, it is time to start developing a book platform.  Your book platform is the way you maximize future opportunities related to your book.  While this may seem premature…after all, my recommendation is to do this function before you even write […]

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Plan Your Book Profit – Part 1 of 4

What I am about to say about book profit may make a few nonfiction authors a little angry.  Most self-published authors begin their book from the wrong perspective.  Their approach to authoring a book is simply upside-down when it comes to making a profit. It really comes down to the oft-quoted words of Steven Covey, […]

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A Code of Trust With Me as Your Ghostwriter

Earning Your Trust If there was one superpower I could invoke into my life with the snap of my fingers, it would be for people to feel my unwavering Code of Trust.  It would make life so much easier. Those who know me will tell the prospective authors.  But, truthfully, we don’t even trust testimonials […]

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