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Do You Know Your Reason for Being?

Is Your Work Your Reason for Being? I recently learned about the Japanese concept of IKIGAI.  The word roughly translates to mean “Reason for Being.”  The concept cautions us to bring four important aspects of our focus together in a way to benefit both us and the world. First, it looks at four common questions […]

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Career Burnout? Retire Early or Reinvent Definition of Work?

Reinvent Your Career at 50+ Many people think about writing a book after they get past their 40s.  They may be experiencing career burnout and looking forward to redefining their life – maybe with an early retirement” They already know more than most of the people in their workplace They already spend a portion of […]

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Why the Executive Level Author’s Book Fails

First, let’s talk about what the executive Level Author does right.  Since they are accustomed to delegating to others as a tool for time management, the executive author normally doesn’t hesitate to hire someone to collaborate with the writing task. Clearly Executives Are Smart The willingness to delegate to a ghostwriter, editor or book coach […]

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