Auto Pilot Program (Writing Prices)

The price list outlined here is only a guideline. Each book is different. There are many variables to be considered. So this is a quick rundown for the type of book being priced in this pricing guide:

  • Standard 5.5”x8.5” book
  • 120-140 book pages when completed

Readability Edit:  $4,500-8,000

This service is to revise completed manuscripts. As a marketing expert, Kate has a keen sense of what your reader wants to see in your book. After you see the sample described as a manuscript review under free services you decide whether to hire us.  Once we sign the Agreement to work together, we go through each and every sentence looking for ways to make the content better.

In addition, the author gets:

  • General book parts list professionals use
  • Pages to include for marketing purposes
  • Ways to get the email addresses of your readers
  • Final proofreader to look for errors & omissions
  • Rough draft of interior design; sub-headlines, text boxes, etc
  • Referrals to other book service providers like cover and interior book designers, publishers, marketing/PR experts and social media services

Collaborative Edit:  $8,000-12,500

The vast majority of authors want to write their ideas down to begin their book. It allows the “nagging” of their spirit to become real for them. It begins as a “stream of consciousness” and at some point becomes a tiresome chore to complete. Somewhere around 40-50 pages the ideas begin to swirl and bog down. It takes collaboration to bring out the rest of the book and organize it in a way the reader wants.


  • All the services provided in the Readability Edit shown above
  • Recorded/transcribed interviews to fill in the gaps
  • Developmental editing to make sure book flows well
  • Unlimited email support until ready to send to publisher

Complete “Talk Your Book” Ghostwriting:  $19,500 and up        

More and more people know they want to author a book, but fully realize they simply don’t have time to write any of it. This executive level author is accustomed to delegating tasks and holding them accountable for the outcomes. They also clearly understand the value of leveraging both their time and money to achieve their goals. This program includes all services listed in the GPS Coaching program PLUS all the writing services provided at the Readability and Collaborative level.

Service includes:

  • All the services outlined in both Readability and Collaboration above - plus:
  • Book outline of chapters – determined by initial interviews
  • Individual recorded/transcribed interviews for each chapter/section
  • Permission to use portions of recorded interviews as a podcast or other marketing
  • Any needed research for quotes, statistics, other people’s anecdotal stories, etc
  • Interview-based writing for your guest contributors such as the Foreword, Afterword
  • Interview-based testimonials (Contact information, permissions and approvals provided by author)
  • For authors who want to work with the writer in person, travel is possible in some cases at an added cost

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GPS Program(Coaching)

Intensive 4-week Program:  $595

  • Fully customized program specific to each individual author's needs
  • Unlimited email access to coach during program
  • Includes four weekly one hour sessions with coach by telephone
  • Digs deep into the ultimate desired outcomes of author
  • Homework is assigned for each session
  • Program Includes proven checklists, templates and other tools
  • Each session is recorded & transcribed for and delivered after each coaching session
  • Author has express permission to use the recordings for podcasts, video, and other marketing efforts
  • Coach creates a 4 page summary of "Next Steps" at the conclusion of the coaching program.
  • The 4-page report often becomes the outline for the book
  • When author enrolls in this coaching program and eventually decides to hire Kate for one of the Auto Pilot programs, a credit is given for the full price of the GPS program.


  1. Before an author is expected to make a decision to hire Kate Frank to provide writing services, all authors receive a 30-minute consultation.
  2. In addition, a brief manuscript review and rewrite is provided. While this is a whole lot of value to the prospective author, Kate has found authors need assurance of two things:  First, they want to be assured their book idea has value and a marketplace of readers.  Second, they want to know if hiring a professional writer will actually make a difference in their book and their reader's experience.

The best way to give the author those two assurances if for us to risk our own time and effort to “show you” what we have to offer. In addition to giving you a brief analysis and/or sample of writing using your ideas, we will also provide samples of other author rewrites to see the broad scope of book types we can develop.  Just request a manuscript review or schedule a time for a recorded conversation to get the process started.

Background Information about Publishing

In the old days, when traditional publishers selected the books to be published, authors submitted queries and hired agents to get the attention of the big publishing house. The goal is to get the traditional publisher to recognize the prospective book’s value and pay the author an advance for completing the book. This is still being done, but in ever-decreasing numbers.

Instead, most books are being self-published. Even novels, memoirs and tell-all books are being self-published because the potential profits are better and the author retains all the control. This site, and specifically its founder, Kate Frank, is all about the nonfiction author. We work collaboratively with the author to develop a book based on the author’s potential profit or career platform. Our services fall into two specific categories: Book Coaching and Writing. All other author services are provided by our trusted, vetted and accountable affiliates.  Ask for a referral to any author service.