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Self-publishing has disrupted the traditional publishing model and WE are disrupting the way self-publishers work

  • We are deeply committed to the nonfiction author's success
  • We, as a team, offer all the services needed to achieve success
  • Each person on the team offers a fair price upfront, with no hidden agenda
  • We are proud of our authors, yes, but we are also proud of our own work
  • All providers associated with this group have been interviewed and vetted to assure both quality service to the author and an integrity match with the founder, Kate Frank

As a nonfiction author, you may be overwhelmed by all the individuals and companies claiming they can offer you success with their specific program.  They may be an online publisher who offers a package of services or a book coach who claims they can give you the counsel needed to succeed.  However, most of those making a claim to offer you valuable services are not high-quality providers. 

Historically, when a new market opens up, a "gold rush" begins.  It is true whether prospectors are looking for gold in the mountains of Colorado or dishing up the newest technology in Silicon Valley.  In each new market, you will find people with solid value and you will find people who come into the golden opportunity with the desire to "get rich quick" without regard to the effect on their customers.

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We Call Our Company "Author Legacy Resource"

for Three Essential and Distinct Reasons

Everything we do is about the AuthorWe specifically work with the Nonfiction Author.  We believe in the value of nonfiction books because the author unselfishly shares their knowledge to benefit others.

Legacy is the end result of a well-planned, well-written and properly promoted nonfiction book.  It is the culmination of essential information gathered over time, often decades, by a devoted author and their team.

We are committed to being a Resource during the entire process of the book's success.  As a group, we provide specialized services to the authors for a fee.  We are also a source of FREE education and support.

In addition to the services we directly provide´╗┐´╗┐, we spent (and continue to spend) considerable time researching, interviewing and fully vetting author service providers from around the world.  We recognize the book self-publishing industry offers many sharks and shysters who don't provide what they promise or constantly try to up-sell authors to an endless number of programs.  They often take advantage of the novice author and can even fool the experienced author too.

We want you to be connected to resources providing true value with honesty and integrity.  All the resources recommended by this site, and the providers referred to the author, are accountable to us.  Of course, we cannot guarantee your satisfaction, but we will promise you this...If we find the service provider doesn't measure up to your (and our) expectations, we will discontinue their relationship with us.  If we take action to remove them from our recommended referral affiliates, they will lose a big source of revenue.  We believe it is the right thing to do. We are confident our efforts to find only the best will be useful to you and all nonfiction author clients we serve.