Nonfiction Authors are Our Heroes

You are Different

While fiction authors tell a story made up in their minds, nonfiction authors, like you, bare their soul to the world.  You open up a precious treasure chest of your thoughts, ideas and heart-felt desires - with an almost desperate hope to make a difference in the world and in the lives of your readers.

You are Generous

You are our heroes because you give your all to your reader.  You share your brilliance as a way to change the world or at least change the lives of a few people who hunger for what you will share in your legacy book.  Your generosity is quite significant and beneficial to your readers.

You May NOT be a Writer

Some people are shocked by this clear and present truth.  Famous authors, more than likely, did not actually write their books.  Instead, they recognized their value as an author in their ideas, concepts and stories.  They are smart enough to hire a pro writer to transform their ideas into value for the readers.

Hi, my name is Kate Frank, founder of Author Legacy Resource.  First, I want you to know if you are a nonfiction author I admire you.  Long before you wrote a word for your book you showed us what your made of, what makes you tick and why you continue to develop your brilliant ideas.

You've always been more curious than those around you.  Much like thought leaders in other industries, you recognize things others miss and look for ways to improve the status quo.  ​Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, "You know we're constantly taking.  We don't make most of the food we eat, we don't grow it anyway.  We wear clothes other people make, we speak a language other people developed, we use mathematics other people evolved and spent their lives building.  I mean we're constantly taking things.  It's a wonderful ecstatic feeling to create something and put it into the pool of  human experience and knowledge."  In many ways, you are like Steve Jobs.

Although you may often be plagued with doubt, in your heart of hearts you know you have something to say in a book.  Many of you start and stop for years when developing the world-changing ideas for your book.  Most take a scattered approach to their book for one of two reasons:

  1. Self-criticism, which is a human condition common to all of us.
  2. Some authors fear they don't have the resources needed to bring the book into a reality.

​Don't Get Ripped Off

It infuriates me to see how many individuals and companies take advantage of nonfiction authors.  Many see you as a source of revenue only.  They have no desire to help you be successful with the actual content of the book.  It's the engaging and well-presented content that makes you a successful author.  When the reader is engaged and interested in your well-written book they tell others.  When enough people tell others, your book gets you appearances on TV, guest spots on radio and massive book sales.

Too many people in the publishing industry just want to do the relatively easy, but more glamorous, work of publishing and marketing the book.  It's pretty difficult to find a seasoned, knowledgeable writer to become involved with the actual, long and laborious work of gathering, organizing, sequencing and actually writing the book.  In most cases you are left on your own for this part of the work.

I could dwell on the details of what is done in the publishing industry - but I won't.  Just know this website is dedicated to nonfiction author success.  I recognize my value to your readers and would be happy to talk to you about how I can help.  Just contact me for a complimentary strategy session or download an eBook I wrote to explain the process.

This website is not only about me and the services I provide.  It is also a resource for high-quality, capable and honest providers who do the other work involved in successful nonfiction books.  I have relationships with book designers who make your book look awesome, inside and out.  I spend my time interviewing publishers to find the ones who will be straight forward and honest about what they will do for you, how much it will cost and how to reach Amazon Best Seller status.  I know excellent marketing and publicity professionals who will make sure your book is discovered.  I also can provide you with the names of virtual assistants (VA) who will manage your social media campaigns, book your events and public speaking opportunities.  Your relationship with a VA will make it possible for you to spend time doing things within your core skills where you are compensated best.  They are well worth having on your team.

Schedule a No Obligation Strategic Consultation

No need for a decision about what to do right now.  Instead, let's set aside some time to talk about your book.  I can give you my opinion of the value and marketability of your concepts.  If you decide my services will not serve your goals, we can remain friends and nonfiction colleagues.  It's great to have people around us who think like nonfiction authors.

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