Author GPS

Collaborative Book Coach

  • Uncover the BIG WHY for writing your book - Your why drives your success
  • Clearly identify the individual IDEAL READER - Direct the book's language to the reader's wants and needs
  • Decide which audience groups are your TRIBE - Strategize how to best reach them with your message
  • Decide WHICH BOOK should be written now - Select what information is best to save for the next book
  • Outline steps to build a FOUNDATION OF SUPPORTERS  - Engage this core group to prepare for book launch
  • Leverage systems for engaging BETA READERS - Find those willing to give feedback, before and after the book launch
  • Find your book's cheerleaders and POTENTIAL ENDORSERS - Devise ways to reward them for being involved
  • Be guided each step and become a SUCCESSFUL AUTHOR

Author Auto Pilot

Collaborative Ghostwriter

  • Completed manuscripts are TWEAKED - Rewritten for the internet-enabled reader who scans
  • Partially written books are COMPLETED - Bringing good structure and flow to the book you started
  • Your brilliant ideas are completely GHOSTWRITTEN - As the author, you share your concepts and stories during a series of interviews and don't need to write a single word

Affordable Professional Writer Enables

Authors to Focus on Their Success

The author's responsibility is to promote ideas and concepts, not necessarily to write the words in the book.  Begin your publishing journey today by delegating the tasks needed to get your book written, published and ready for your exciting adventure as an author

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eBook virtual cover

For most book authors, the self-publishing industry is confusing at the least and can be treacherous when the author is not educated about the practices and procedures for writing, preparing and publishing their book.  We wrote a 48-page eBook to briefly describe the things you need to know before embarking on this precarious journey.  Get the eBook "Untold Secrets of Business Book Authors" immediately.  Download it here.